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Bathroom Accessories


Select from a range of gorgeous bathroom accessories to add a touch of elegance. Our stylish and functional pieces make for an organised space, doing away with the clutter. Arrange colour popping designs on the counter, and opt for shower caddies for a neat finish, or match with your existing colour scheme for a coordinated effect.

Red/Green Christmas Icons Peelable Stickers (U17002) | €9
Set of 3 Silver Harper Gem Reusable Dispenser Bottles (A13361) | €23.50
Red Santa Toilet Roll Cover (T59776) | €10.50
Set of 3 Black Contemporary Reusable Dispenser Bottles (U60780) | €21
Natural Christmas Pudding Shower Cap (T65111) | €10.50
Grey Soft Touch Bath Pillow (580853) | €9
Red Santa's Sleigh Peelable Stickers (U17001) | €9
White Set of 3 Seagull Decorations (971085) | €18
Glow In The Dark Halloween Peelable Stickers (U08270) | €7.50
Natural Bath Tray (194286) | €46
Grey Penguin Toilet Roll Cover (U11768) | €10.50
Just Pink Soft Touch Bath Pillow (A49055) | €9